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Terms of Agreement

1. Storage & Damage: We do not take responsibility for damage or loss of automobiles or other large equipment until such time as we receive the keys and the original title. We are not otherwise responsible for damage to goods left at SGK Ocean Lines Corporation or Moziano Group LLC past time permitted (5 business days) or damage caused by natural disasters including and not limited to flood, wind and Earthquakes. Automobile and other large equipment may attract storage charges from day one. Goods held in storage for more than 30 days may be auctioned off to recover cost.

2. Insurance: Insurance is optional and advisable to all customers and is based on value of vehicle or commodity. Insurance covers the vehicle or goods from Port to Port. Please ask for more information if interested in purchasing insurance coverage. Moziano Group LLC/SGK Global is not liable for any damage or loss to cargo if insurance is not purchased.

3. All cargo is subject to screening by SGK Ocean Lines Corporation/Moziano Group LLC. Personal effects are not permitted inside vehicles for RO-RO shipment.

4. Requirements: All Ro/Ro units must be operational, safe and mechanically sound for the purpose of driving, stopping, loading, stowing, shifting, and discharging from vessel. If vehicles have mechanical problems, then it’s the customer’s responsibility for repairs. Vehicles must have less than ¼ a tank of fuel. All door handles have to be operational, not broken. No smashed, shattered, or cracked windshields. No hanging parts i.e. bumpers. All doors must open and close properly with no difficulty. Non-runners are accepted to West Africa at a fee.

5. Dimensions: Break bulk shipments which include high/heavy and static cargo rates are based on dimensions provided by customer. Rate given are estimates and final weight/measure verification will be done at Port for final invoicing.

6. Documentation: All information should be submitted in writing. Information not submitted in writing may or may not be processed and SGK Ocean Lines Corporation/Moziano Group LLC is not liable for any expenses or delays incurred. Documentation must be presented at SGK Ocean Lines /Moziano Group 2 days prior to cut off date to allow time for delivery, survey, and U.S. Customs clearance. All corrections submitted after sail date must be in writing, and correction fees will apply which may cause a delay in the release of documentation.

7. Schedule: All dates provided are estimated departure and arrival times and may change without prior notice. Please note that all dates provided are estimates received from third-party carriers and SGK Ocean Lines / Moziano Group and its affiliates have no independent means to verify the accuracy of estimates received from third-party carriers.

8. SGK Ocean Lines Corp/Moziano Group is not responsible for any delay costs incurred due to domestic or foreign customs investigations or hold, Carrier processes, loading delays, trucking delays/delays due to truck accidents, or domestic or foreign Port delays and processes. Shipper acknowledges that SGK Ocean Lines or Moziano Group is not liable for such claims and losses.

9. Payment: All shipments are on a prepaid basis. A 50% down payment is required at time of booking and full payment is required a week after the shipment has left port to avoid release delays. Payment methods include Cash, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer, Bank deposit and credit cards (Note 4% fees apply to credit card payments).

10. Quotes: All quotes are valid for 30 days and subject to change without Notice after booking and payment has been processed due to difference in vehicle sizes after delivery to port. Additional fees for extra services may vary at time of booking.

11. By Owner’s or Agent Signature (hereinafter collectively referred to as Customer) SGK Ocean Lines Corporation/Moziano Group LLC is hereby authorized to Act as the broker of Transportation of the vehicle(s)/ commodity(s) by one or more carriers selected by SGK Ocean Lines (hereinafter referred to as Carrier), from the point of pickup specified to the point of destination. Customer agrees to allow SGK Ocean Lines Corporation to act as an agent in dealing with the carrier, and to cooperate with SGK Ocean Lines in placing the order with carrier. Said carrier will route vehicle(s) or commodity(s) from origin to destination by a suitable route and does not agree to any specific routing or to meet any schedule of customer.

12. In addition to above, customer hereby acknowledges that there may be additional non-SGK Global expenses, such as without limitation, government charges, customs fees, port fees, and/or tariffs, etc, at origin port and/or the destination port. All fees and charges at origin and destination ports are the responsibility of customer. SGK Global may, at its sole discretion, pay these fees only as a courtesy to the customer, and in such event, customer will reimburse SGK Global for such fees and/or charges paid on customer's behalf.

13. Customer hereby authorizes SGK Global and/or its affiliate entities to function as customer’s clearance agent at destination port. All fees paid at destination port by SGK Global, including without limitation government clearance fees, port fees and or storage fees, are reimbursable to SGK Global. Customer authorizes SGK Global to put goods in storage if not picked up after clearance from port.

14. Claims / Limitation of Liability / Statute of Limitations: Any and all claims submitted to SGK Ocean Lines Group / Moziano Group and its affiliates must be submitted in writing within 91 days of motor vehicle / goods delivery. For motor vehicles or goods shipped in containers, SGK Ocean Lines Group / Moziano Group and their affiliates' combined maximum liability for any claims arising from or relating to damage or loss of motor vehicles or other goods shall not exceed $500.00 per container. For motor vehicles or goods not shipped in containers, SGK Ocean Lines Group / Moziano Group and their affiliates' combined maximum liability for any claims arising from or relating to damage or loss of motor vehicles or other goods shall not exceed $500.00 per shipment. Any lawsuit against SGK Ocean Lines Group / Moziano Group and its affiliates must be brought within two years and one day of motor vehicle / goods delivery.





Customer's Responsibility

1.The description and particulars of the Goods furnished to SGK and set out on the face of any applicable documents (including, but not limited to, receipts and bills of lading) are furnished by the Customer and the Customer warrants to SGK that the description and particulars including, but not limited to, weight, content, measure, quantity, quality, condition, marks, numbers and value are correct.  Any seizure of Goods by governmental authorities or fines or other levies imposed on account of any inaccurate, false, or mistaken declarations of these particulars are the responsibility of the Customer.

2. The Customer shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements of customs, port and other authorities and shall pay all duties, freight, fines, levies, expenses and losses incurred or suffered by reason thereof or by reason of any illegal, incorrect or insufficient marking, numbering or addressing of the Goods.

3. The Customer shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless SGK against any loss, damage, claim, liability or expense whatsoever arising from or relating to any breach of the provisions of this "Customer's Responsibility" provision, whether or not such breach results from the sole or concurrent negligence of SGK."

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