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Here’s What to Know Before Shipping to Nigeria



Every country has different rules and laws in conducting trade so it’s important to know what these are to avoid making mistakes when shipping to Nigeria like paying an exorbitant amount, and causing your shipments to get lost in transit.

This is especially important in locations such as Nigeria since they present structural difficulties, significant costs, and an unstable political climate, among others, while being the top eCommerce market in Africa.

Thus, as the community’s trusted provider of air shipping to Lagos, Nigeria, here are the important reminders before transporting your container to Nigeria.

  • Take note of the factors that affect the price point of your shipment
    This seems like a no-brainer, but comparing these factors side-by-side can allow you to see clearly where you can save according to your priority.
  • Be on top of the custom regulations and the shipment rules for perishables and restricted items
    What’s worse than paying extra fees or penalties for your air shipping to Port Harcourt? Having them all thrown out because they were restricted in the first place. Make sure to know the rules ahead to prevent these.
  • Get your cargo insured
    The risks for accidents and damages in international shipments are always higher than domestic ones. Thus, when you decide to ship to Abuja, make sure to get a financial net to save you from many potential problems in the future.

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