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Top 3 Shipping Challenges and How to Overcome Them

How Long Does It Take A Cargo Ship From USA To Nigeria

How Long Does It Take A Cargo Ship From USA To Nigeria

A perfect shipping means that a parcel would arrive at its original destination on time without any hassles. Of course, no industry is perfect, including the shipping business. As long as you are into e-commerce, you’re likely to encounter different challenges on a regular basis. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to minimize these challenges if they ever occur. These steps will set you on the right path and make you stay on top of your shipping game. Ahead, you will learn about the top 3 shipping challenges and how to overcome them without the challenges weighing your business down.

#1. Items are damaged during handling or shipping

This is no doubt one of the major challenges that is bedeviling the shipping industry. Shipped products or items usually encounter high-impact or forces when loaded on a truck, aircraft, or ship. In fact, when transported on bumpy roads, the impact may even triple. 

However, with proper packaging and the enlightenment of shipping company employees, the risk of damage would be greatly reduced. So, if you are shipping items from the US to Nigeria, ensure you inquire about the packaging conditions of your items, so you won’t receive damaged products.

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#2. Shipping costs are unreasonably high

The safe shipping of goods from the US to Nigeria comes with its associated expenses. However, if the fees to ship your goods are on the high side, there are a number of things you can do to reduce the shipping fees, including comparing shippers on the basis of merit, keeping in mind that logistics errors and improper product handling can balloon shipping costs. 

Also, one way to reduce shipping costs, particularly when shipping from the US to Nigeria is to arrange for shipping way ahead of time. Waiting for rush hour can also increase shipping costs, even though your packaged products are within reasonable weights. If you are shipping multiple items, instead of shipping them one after the other, you can ship all of them at once to reduce shipping costs. 

#3. Lack of knowledge about international shipping

Shipping items locally is fairly simple and straightforward. For instance, you can easily get a haulage company that will move your goods from Lagos to Port Harcourt, and the goods will arrive in Port Harcourt as scheduled. But, the narrative is different when it comes to shipping from the US to Nigeria. There are lots of forms to be completed, custom requirements to fulfill, and compliance with international shipping laws. 

One way to ensure that your international shipping goes smoothly is to work with a credible and trusted shipping company like SGK Global Shipping Services. SGK Global has the requisite experience to ship goods from the US to Lagos and Port Harcourt. The company will take the burden of learning about international shipping off your shoulders, and will get your goods to the target destination. We will also help you with filling out the paperwork, securely packaging your goods, and tracking your shipment. 

Clearing the Hurdles to No-Hassle Shipments

Want to enjoy hassle-free shipping? Then work with an experienced shipper like SGK Global Shipping Services. Our shipping expertise can help you avoid high shipping costs and minimize damaged products. If there are ways you want SGK Global to help you, you can contact us to request a quote at your convenience.

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