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Challenges in Cargo Shipping in Nigeria

How Long Does It Take A Cargo Ship From USA To Nigeria

challenges-in-cargo-shipping-in-nigeriaHave you ever received your shipment late? Did you expect it to come on a specific day but got disappointed when it arrived out of the estimated arrival? Well, you are not alone. There are challenges in cargo shipping in Nigeria. Many parcels for Air Shipping to Port Harcourt can be delayed due to some issues.

What could have gone wrong?

The most common issues we know are:

  • Incomplete documents
  • Missing information
  • Shortages of Container to Nigeria
  • Lack of operational equipment
  • Deficiencies in shipping boats

Air Shipping to Lagos, Nigeria must follow schedules and processes before the parcels reach you. And there is no skipping such steps, as they are all vital to make sure everything is operating smoothly.

However, there can be incidences that could happen while the cargoes are in transit. Mishaps may occur at any time, and every business has its struggles. Some hardships and undesirable situations are bound to happen, but they are all uncontrollably part of the process.

SGK Global Shipping Services does everything to avoid compromise on its services. We take our job seriously to ensure that your cargoes fully and securely reach their destinations. And we commit to this promise so you can Ship to Abuja conveniently and worry-free.

When looking for a Courier to Nigeria, call our US office at +1 (281) 501-2922 or our office in Lagos at 234-818-336-9172, 234-1-295-1074, or 234-705-606-8475.

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