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Guidelines to Follow Before Shipping via Air


Shipping through air is often considered the fastest route when shipping from the USA to Nigeria, and it certainly is. Shipping through the air has enabled critical operations and meeting the requirements of demanding clients. But, before you make your next air shipment, here are some guidelines to be considered to ensure you are getting the most out of the service.

Transporting cargo from source to destination can get complicated, but it can be more organized with a cargo Master Operating Plan (MOP). There will be key processes and sub-processes involved in moving the shipment from the origin to the next. A plan helps every stakeholder – the origin forwarder, origin carrier, transport carrier, destination carrier, and destination forwarder – along the way.

Booking and planning shipments must be coordinated throughout the chain. Details should be complete and accurate as possible. Timing is of the essence. Freight information, requests, capacity, and much other information should have collaborated well throughout the process.

Cost can get significantly higher in the air compared to the rest of the transport modes but the real savings due to efficiency and reaching the market should be considered first. Ultimately, choosing air shipment is about choosing the best route for your transport needs.

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