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How to Deliver the Lead Time Challenge


Customers want things now, even when they are shipping to Lagos from the US. In the age of convenience, supply chains are stretched to their limits. Only the businesses that can deliver the need survive and lead the time challenge ahead of their competitors.

As customers increasingly expect faster deliveries, companies should adapt. But how can this be possible?

Let us explore the different strategies to reduce lead time.

  • Move closer to the source – this is a strategy to connect nearer to your inputs. Businesses that produce products can be closer to locations with their raw materials. Service companies can be closer to the talents which enable their businesses.
  • Move closer to destination – this means being close to the clients. If customers can immediately connect with the business, they are most likely to keep doing transactions with them.
  • Accurately anticipate demand – forecasting is no longer about guessing. Data science can help predict customer behavior in the future and anticipate trends to trigger production levels before such a market shift happens.
  • Achieve efficient transport – strong and reliable movement across the chain should be ready to transport goods wherever these could be to wherever the goods would be needed.
  • Commitment from partners – no business can work alone and deliver the lead time challenge suppliers, distributors, shippers, and many more need to be committed to delivering the same business promise to the end customer.

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