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Things to Consider Before Using Air Freight


If shipping speed and duration is your highest priority, then Air Shipping to Lagos, Nigeria may be a good alternative for you to consider. However, in most cases, air shipping can be very expensive too. It’s important you know exactly how much you’re willing to spend on transportation before setting your hearts to a specific service. Wondering things to consider before using air freight? Then read on!

There are other things to consider before using air freight. Below is a simple guide that can help you make the best decision regarding Air Shipping to Port Harcourt.

  • Volume vs Actual Weight
    To avoid costly surprises, it’s important for importers and other customers to consider volumetric and actual weight. This is because large packages in air shipping tend to take up more space in an airplane, even when they are comparatively lighter than other. Thus, freight and cargo shipments in Stafford TX are usually charged by either their volume or actual weight, depending on which number is higher.
  • Special Commodities
    Goods such as electronics and other sensitive or fragile products require special commodities to stay safe during flight. Prices for these special commodities may also vary, therefore, it’s important for importers to already have a good idea of their requirements before hiring an air shipping provider.
  • Proper Documentation
    If you want to Ship to Abuja, there are certain documentations and permits you’ll have to secure before completing the transaction. The right provider won’t just guide you through the process but they will also help you connect with the right people who will help you understand and expedite the process.

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