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Everything You Need To Know About UPS Access Point®

UPS Access Point


UPS Access Point

A UPS Access Point can be a game-changer if you are shipping through UPS. Customers and merchants can use the safe locks at the various UPS Access Points to pick up or drop off parcels for shipping. If you Google “UPS Access Point near me,” you’d be surprised at the number of locations you would get. 

If you are in doubt whether the UPS Access Point is right for you, then this article has got you covered. Here, we have explained everything you need to know about UPS Access Point. 

Let’s dive in!

What Is UPS Access Point®?

A UPS Access Point® is a designated location that serves as a pickup or drop off zone for UPS packages. They are usually found in grocery stores, gas stations, and other retail outlets. The UPS Access Point itself is highly protected and safe for shipping business. There are so many UPS Access Points across the world, so you will need to choose the location that is closest to you.

The benefits of UPS Access Point include:

  • Picking packages at your convenience.
  • Mitigating theft.
  • Easy returns to UPS
  • Easy drop off.
  • Delivery success guaranteed.

How Does UPS Access Point® Work?

Pick up parcels

A UPS Access Point is operated by UPS. It is a safe or secure locker that a customer can easily drop off or pick up UPS packages. A UPS Access Point gives you more control of how you receive packages from the USA to Nigeria. It also gives e-commerce merchants the freedom to streamline their fulfillment. 

UPS Access Point® For Customers

You can choose any UPS Access Point within your region to pick up your parcel. As soon as your parcel arrives at the location, the workers there will notify you that your parcel is ready for pickup. You will need to show proof of identity to pick up a parcel at a UPS Access Point location. You can also search for your parcel online through your tracking number.

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UPS Access Point® For Merchants

E-commerce merchants can take advantage of the UPS Access Point to grow their business. Simply drop off the parcel a customer ordered for with the prepaid label on the parcel, and UPS employees working in your preferred Access Point will fulfill the order. Any parcel dropped off at a UPS Access Point is stored in a convenient locker until a UPS delivery person picks up the package.

How to Ship to UPS Access Point® Lockers

Shipping with UPS

The shipping process to UPS Access Point lockers is very easy to follow through. Customers can pick up packages at any of the UPS Access Point locations. On the other hand, merchants can ship directly to any UPS Access Point near their customers. 

To ship through UPS Access Point, you will need to use the address of a UPS Access Point near you as you delivery address. Once the order is confirmed, UPS will then ship the parcel to the selected UPS Access Point. The workers at the Access Point will send you an SMS or email to notify that your parcel is ready for pick-up. The process is also similar if you are dropping off a parcel for delivery. 

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UPS collaborates with thousands of local businesses and retail outlets to offer UPS Access Point near you. These are convenient drop-off, returns, and pick-up locations for UPS-labeled packages. You can find a UPS Access Point near you by visiting the UPS official website and entering your zip code in the space provided. 

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UPS Access Point® FAQ

How Safe Is UPS Access Point®?

UPS Access Point® is very safe and secure. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. The good thing about UPS Access Point® is that they are strategically located inside grocery stores, local businesses, and some retail outlets.

Is UPS Access Point® free?

Yes, UPS Access Point® is free of charge. To use UPS Access Point®, all you need to do is to walk there and show proof of identity like a government-issued ID card or a driver’s license, and you are good to go. You are then free to drop off your package. 

What do I need for a UPS Access Point®?

The major document that you need to pick up a parcel at a UPS Access Point is a passport bearing the same name that is written on the package or a driver’s license.

Can someone else pick up my package at the UPS access point?

Yes, a third-party can help you pick up a parcel at a UPS Access Point®, only that the person would need to visit the UPS Access Point with a copy of your government-issued ID card bearing the exact name on the parcel. 


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